Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A new website...

I was looking for more information about the 56 Flight Hawk Studebaker when I found the 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk Owners Register. I could not find any similar website with information about the flight hawk and decided to contact Frank Ambrogio, the webmaster of the Golden Hawk register. He had never heard about such a website or register, but suggested me to create one. Here it is! It is very simple and not many information is available. I'm going to use some of my spare time to maintain it and I will add more information whenever possible.


Anonymous said...

I just found a 56 Flight Hawk yesterday, in the woods, long forgoten. A very solid and complete car. I bought it today for $200. I would like info, but when I went to the owners page, it was not in English, so I can't read it .... What do I do?

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if anyone else has a 56 Flight Hawk hardtop out there?? I just purchased one in Canada last november & know that it is one of 61 made for the north america market (52 Canada & 9 US), body code 56G-K7, I've been told this is the only remaining one out there, wondering if anyone else knows of one??